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What type of a music would be good backround music to a slide show of a family lake vacation?

August 21st, 2010 Ninoverolla music No comments

What type of a music would be good backround music to a slide show of a family lake vacation?

I really need a good song to backup my pictures from my family’s summer lake vacation. music that wouldnt hurt my grandparents ears (no screamo!) and that would convey an appropriate message for the event. can you help?

A Slightly Fiddly Chat With Ellie Goulding…

August 20th, 2010 Ninoverolla music No comments

A Slightly Fiddly Chat With Ellie Goulding…

Ellie Goulding

What you are about to read is a true, full and frank account of a conversation between myself and the pop star Ellie Goulding. A conversation which was interrupted several times, by events beyond either of our control, and which possibly became a little confused here and there as a result. She rallied rather better than I did, it’s fair to say.

If you find yourself getting a bit lost, can I suggest you hang on until the end, because that last bit, about critics and artists, is a DOOZY. And the rest is clearly a result of two people having One Of Those Days in parallel, while attempting to discuss literature and the arts.

Read on, if you dare…


ChartBlog: Hi Ellie, whereabouts in the world are you?
Ellie: Hi! I’m just in Kensington in the UK. Hang on a sec… [muffled voice] …er, yeah I’ve just been in the office, and now I’ve got to go and find my cab. I’ve no idea where it is, but I’ll try to find it.

ChartBlog: So you’re on a cab hunt while we discuss important things to do with your career…
Ellie: Oh basically yeah, but it’s because I’m rushing to another place.

ChartBlog: Anywhere exciting?
Ellie: I’m going home. But I ran here, basically, and I’m in my gym clothes, and I have to go out to dinner, so I need to get changed into some proper clothes. I can’t go out like this.

ChartBlog: No of course not. I think most people would imagine a pop star’s life to be exactly this glamorous.
Ellie: [laughing] It’s not for me, unfortunately.

ChartBlog: Can I talk to you about art and literature, as a kind of spin-off from the lyrics to your current single?
Ellie: [hesitant, but game] Ah…yeah. Yeah, OK..

ChartBlog: Were you massively into art at school?
Ellie: [enunciating every word carefully and slowly] I…was…but…I…wasn’t…very…good…at…it. I did like to draw and things. I remember the things I liked to draw were, like Incubus album covers, because I really liked their artwork. And I even used to draw on my bedroom wall, but I was never that good, really. I was good at writing, and being really imaginative. My stories were always quite dark and twisted…[to herself] is this my cab? Someone’s asleep in the back seat…hello? Are you for Ellie? No? [to ChartBlog] I’m really sorry about this…

[There then follows an interruption from Ellie's record company, while they help her to find a cab. This takes a while. Eventually the phone call is re-established. Then lost again. Then re-established.]

ChartBlog: This is the most ill-fated interview in the whole world…
Ellie: I’m really sorry. I’m usually fine with this, it’s just I get flustered if I can’t find my vehicle, which happens a lot.

ChartBlog: Looking for something and trying to do an interview must be like patting your head and rubbing your tummy.
Ellie: Exactly.

ChartBlog: So we were talking about stories you wrote as a child.
Ellie: Yeah, well I’ve written stuff like that from when I was really young. I always used to think the world was going to end. I dunno why. I always thought that bad thing were going to happen. I didn’t like night-time because I always thought someone was going to burgle our house. I still sleep with the light on, actually, cos I don’t like night-time.

ChartBlog: It’s tempting to read something into that about your music. Like there’s a sense of wonder and fear, or heightened imaginary realms – particularly in something like ‘Starry-Eyed’.
Ellie: Er…yeah. I don’t know. I think you can read into everything. I don’t really know what the question was though. You just sort of made a statement.

ChartBlog: Well I wondered if that tallied with how you felt about it, but clearly it doesn’t.
Ellie: How I feel about my music?

ChartBlog: Yeah, whether you can see that sort of landscape in it, when you hear it back, or whether that is what you are trying to capture.
Ellie: Well I think my whole album has an underlying darkness, but you can’t really tell because the music is quite uplifting. Which is kind of my eternal contradiction of wanting to have happiness but also, sort of relishing in darkness. That sounds really intense.

ChartBlog: It was a pretentious question. It’s the perfect answer.
Ellie: A pretentious answer for a pretentious question. But if we are going to go deep, my album does embellish all of that really. As much as I want to be hopeful, I also think…everything’s rubbish! [laughs]
So yeah, my album is a contradiction, but it’s one that a lot of people can relate to, and it’s quite universal. Unrequited love, which everyone gets sad about.

ChartBlog: And also if you don’t have an idea of the bad things that could happen, hope doesn’t really have much of an impact. So if you’ve got something which is optimistic and light and heartfelt but you’ve got that undercurrent beneath of “BY THE WAY, I’M BEING OPTIMISTIC BECAUSE LOOK DOWN THERE! HORRIBLE THINGS!”, then…
Ellie: [confused] Look down where?

ChartBlog: Metaphorically speaking. It’s like a tightrope walker…
Ellie: Right, right…OK.

ChartBlog: Sorry, I’ve confused you again…
Ellie: Yeah, it’s cos you keep making statements, not asking questions. Which is lovely, I’m really enjoying it, but I don’t really know how to answer.

ChartBlog: OK, let me ask you a question then.
Ellie: Please do!

ChartBlog: What was your favorite book as a child?
Ellie: Well, as it says on the inner sleeve, “My favourite book by Elena, aged 5…” is Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Which, incidentally, are fairy tales with a very dark twist to them. So instead of Rapunzel there was Rapunzelstitskin…there’s lots of stories basically about…there’s two brothers, one’s a thief and he does bad things and the other is poorer but kind-hearted and gives to the poor. And then the bad brother ends up murdering the good brother, to claim his reward for something…it’s basically twisted fairy tales. And I loved that book so much, and I still have it in the drawer next to my bed.

ChartBlog: Are you a big reader?
Ellie: I’m always reading a book, yeah. At the moment I’m reading Tales of Ovid, it’s Ted Hughes and it’s just lots of poetry, about the gods and stuff [laughs] And it’s again lots of dark stories. But it’s nice, it’s nice reading. It’s one of those books that starts off and you think it’s gonna be quite complex but actually it’s shows you that even though the world has changed a lot, emotions are pretty much the same.

ChartBlog: Do you mainly read fantasy and fiction books?
Ellie: I read a lot of books about health and stuff, and well being. I had to read a lot of books about anxiety, so I could conquer…er…getting a funny heart and stuff like that. So I read up quite a lot on that. And I’m really into running, so I try to read running stuff. Someone’s just given me a book, actually, called The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. I’m training for the Great North Run, so I’ve stepped up my running a bit.

ChartBlog: You should watch the film. It’s very good. Tom Courtenay’s in it.
Ellie: Ah! OK! Otherwise, I really like Murakami, cos his stories are always…when I go to read something else, it seems a bit boring after I’ve read one of his books.

ChartBlog: That’s always goo…
Ellie: [interrupting] What I was going to say earlier is, the cab driver I had, I call him The Whistling Man. I have him quite a lot and he just whistles constantly. And I don’t want to tell him to be quiet, but he doesn’t whistle any particular tune, he just whistles, and it’s really slow, and it’s not very nice. He was doing it while I was on the phone.

ChartBlog: Surely there’s inspiration there for a future song…?
Ellie: What, the cab driver whistling?

ChartBlog: Yeah, sample him, get him in there!
Ellie: It might just make me want to kill myself though.

ChartBlog: Oh, no. That would be dark. That would be TOO dark. You need that hope that we talked about earlier.
Ellie: That’s going a bit far, isn’t it?

ChartBlog: A little bit, yeah. What are you like for remembering inspirational quotes? Y’know how sometimes you can go to a friend with a problem and they’ll say “ah, but remember what Nietzsche said…” and then reel off some quote that’ll just turn your head upside down.
Ellie: No. On my computer I had the other day a list of quotes. Hang on, I’ll just get my laptop now…I…I…[banging noise] Oh God!

ChartBlog: Are you alright?
Ellie: That sounded worse than it was. Er…yeah, I put…I put… [sighs] oh my flat… I had this list of quotes because I read this review of something. It was a bad album review and it made me feel really depressed, which I’m inclined to do, I can get quite down about things, and…maybe I put them on my iPad? Such a nightmare…erm…yeah I’ve got a really terrible memory. Like one of the worst memories in the world, and I…wait a second. I sound really flustered and stuff.

ChartBlog: You do sound a bit flustered, yes. But I did…
Ellie: It’s because I had to walk up loads of stairs, and you’ve asked me loads of bloody intense questions, and now I’m feeling like…I dunno, you’ve made my head fire up.

ChartBlog: I’m sorry about that.
Ellie: That’s OK. I found this quote, by the way.

ChartBlog: Oh good!
Ellie: And it is…I don’t know who it was…but I thought it was really good: “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It performs the same function as pain in the human body, in that it draws attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

ChartBlog: That is VERY good. Do you read your own reviews?
Ellie: I enjoy reading reviews, always have done, because it told me a lot about myself. So it’s really good to read a good bad review, y’know? You can get bad bad reviews where they’re just completely off-point, and obviously haven’t got you at all, and if they met you they’d realise that they’re so far off it’s unbelievable. But you have to accept that it is always there and you have to find things around it. And the way of not getting criticism is by not saying or standing for anything.

ChartBlog: The thing I’ve always said is that you musicians make the thing, we just relay back our experience of it. So you’re already way above and beyond what we do…
Ellie: Well yeah. I’ve been in a bloody battle, and the people who review – much as I like to read reviews – are the people who shoot the wounded afterwards, and haven’t fought in the battle. I’ve fought to get my album done, and I feel like I’ve been victorious, which is good.

ChartBlog: Well congratulations.
Ellie: Thank you!



Ellie Goulding is also available in website form…
And BBC Music form…

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What music do you listen to when you feel sad and vulnerable?

August 20th, 2010 Ninoverolla music No comments

What music do you listen to when you feel sad and vulnerable?

I like things such as The Running Free by Coheed and Cambria, Sound of Madness by Shinedown, etc.

Not necessarily happy songs, but ones with great guitar, fantastic vocals and just generally good music.

What about everyone else? Do you like fast music when you’re feeling down? Heavy music? Slow music? Pop?

Everything Everything – ‘MY KZ UR BF’

August 19th, 2010 Ninoverolla music No comments

Everything Everything – ‘MY KZ UR BF’

Everything Everything

So, we all know Hurts are reissuing ‘Wonderful Life’, right? This is largely because their album is imminent, and people are really going for their wartime chic and their doomy synthpop and their general air of bookish sheep in steely wolves’ clothing. For them to reissue one of their defining moments (so far) makes a lot of sense. It’s not a very haughty thing to do, and that seems a little out of character, but I’m sure we’ll all muddle through.

In the meantime, this astonishing collective are also re-releasing an early single, in order to promote their album – it’s called ‘Man Alive’. And, sad to say, they seem to be getting only a fraction of the response that their fellow synthpoppers are.

For the LIFE of me, I cannot see why this should be the case.

(Here’s the video. It’s got gauntlets in.)

OK, so the verses are a little twiddly, this could alienate a few confused ears. And they do seem to be musically in a hurry to rush on to their next idea sometimes. But everything (everything) is redeemed by that chorus. A chorus which is just plain perfect. A chorus which doesn’t even have to make sense to Make Sense. A chorus which also happens contains one of the best throwaway pop lyrics of the new millennium, namely:

“I wanna know what happened to your boyfriend
Cos he was looking at me like ‘whoah!’”

I’ll repeat that, in case you didn’t quite feel the magnificence the first time around:

“I wanna know what happened to your boyfriend
Cos he was looking at me like ‘whoah!’”

C’mon, that’s amazing. It possibly helps if you hear it sung, but even so, “he was looking at me like ‘whoah!’”? Who has the NERVE to write a lyric like that? The sheer GALL of it is astonishing. The brilliant glee of whacking some daft slang in the middle of a densely constructed, angular pop song. And this from a band who are more than comfortable singing about a Faraday cage, or constructing a properly meaty image like “I’m watching the A4 paper taking over the guillotine”.

And even if they weren’t good with the words, that chorus, that glorious chorus! It’s at the exact opposite end of the scale to what Hurts are doing. It’s kind of goofy and silly, and floppy of limb instead of haughty and reserved. And it comes after those verses, which can be a little like a musical assault course, although they’re a lot more pop than they seem on first listen. There is that pillowy close-harmony bit, after all. Everything (everything) about this song, apart from the title, is massively accessible and friendly. And this may be the problem.

I wonder if the band’s innate awkwardness is preventing their wider success. It’s like no-one really knows what they want. The verses demand approval from chin-strokey art-rock-snobs, the chorus wants to teach the world to sing. And the two things are sadly incompatible, partly because of the snob thing, but also because the world can’t sing the verses without spitting its teeth out.

In any case, this is why nothing else seems quite good enough right now. It’s basically exactly what great pop music is all about, and yet it probably won’t go to No.1. We should all be ashamed.

Or grateful. It’s so hard to tell.

Five stars Download: Out now
BBC Music page

(Fraser McAlpine)

Popwreckoning says: “Expect big things from these Northerners.”

Popped Music says: “You would certainly not say this was electro in the same sense as you would bands such as Klaxons who certainly have used similar instrumentation to achieve a very different sound.”

Drowned In Sound’s Wendy Roby says: “Sometimes there are bands you want to give two marks to – one for their high goals, and one for how successfully they have netted them…To my mind Everything Everything get a starred-A for both.”

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Rock Music: the Popular Type of Music

August 19th, 2010 Ninoverolla music No comments

Rock Music: the Popular Type of Music

Rock music is a well accepted form of music, which is a combination of drums, guitars and bass. This music uses keyboard instruments like piano, synthesisers, organ, etc. There is a band of musicians who focus only on rock music and they are called rock band. Rock music is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Hard rock is specially liked by the western youth.

Today, people are crazy about music. They want to listen their favourite music whenever they have leisure time. Music is created to give you pleasure. The fascinating world of music lets you enjoy music in one form or other. There are various types of music these days: pop music, folk music, jazz music and rock music. All these type of music are enjoyable to hear. The songs take you through different emotions. Rock music is loud and fast than anything you’ve heard before.

In 1960, British and American rock bands became popular. Bands like Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Queen, Black Sabbath, etc. are some of the famous bands. In 1980,the genre that was quite popular was glam metal. The various artists like Twisted Sister, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Queen, Kiss, Sweet and the New York Dolls were the artists of 1980’s.

This type of music became popular in the 1950s in America and Europe. This famous music is mainly based on older musical styles like the rhythm and blues music originated by African American performers such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The music has a heavy focus on guitar, drums and powerful vocals. The most popular artist of rock music in the early days was Elvis Presley. His dance and powerful music can surprise anyone. “The Beatles” became successful in the 1960’s. This group was inspired by Blues and rhythm.

Rock music is evolving itself and coming in a variety of styles. Other music forms like heavy metal are also a form of rock music. Some of the heavy metal bands include Metallic and Megadeth. Rock music comes in a wide range of forms like soft pop and heavy metal. This “Rock ‘N Roll” type of music became popular in 1950s and 1960s. This new sound came from many musical styles.

In the initial days, this music was admired only in small clubs and on radio. Afterwards, it became famous with the programs like American Bandstand. Then, people could view their favourite bands on the television. Many people criticised about this type of music as they did not like the loud and fast lyrics.

Rock music began with jazz music, blues tunes, etc. It also featured electrically amplified guitars, drummers and harmonicas. By the mid-1950, performers like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Joe Turner became famous with the white audiences. Radio disc jockeys named this music rock ‘n roll.

One of the best musical album, “Sticks and Stones” has everything from fun to catchy guitar riffs. It covers a range of emotions and depicts the depth of their talent. The album grabs attention with the song “Cathedral.”. The catchy rock beat combines with a variety of instrumentation. The title track “Sticks and Stones” is also worth listening. The hard to resist lyrics would make your day. The instrumental track “ZOZ” is a classic jam track with brilliant double guitar interface. Another noteworthy feature of this track is the striking beats. Another beautiful track is “All Roads Lead to Home”. This track shows the fast and catchy style of the band. Lastly, there is a song that most college students can appreciate. “Raise a Glass”, an old Irish folk song has people singing along in the background. The album is a mixture of a broad variety of the music in the history of rock. This rock album is definitely worth listening and deserves a space on your iPod.

You can find a variety of rock music videos online and find the top tracks in the rock music charts. Don’t wait, just browse the internet to get your favourite rock

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Groove to Enthralling Pop Music

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Groove to Enthralling Pop Music

Pop music is the most awesome and popular genre in music. This genre is extremely famous and is acclaimed world wide. It is the music style of modern times and has led to a great revolution in the world of music. It is the awesome category of music which has broken various barriers of conventional and traditional music. This music is beyond the formal education in music or typical music styles. The sole reason of the immense success of this kind of music is its ability to muse and entertain people.

The music is created with an intention to attract and appeal the masses. Anyone and everyone can enjoy this music without being an expert and connoisseur of music. It focuses more on entertainment than the artistic and expert conceptualizations. This music does not emphasize on the some particular music form. However, it simply gives the artist freedom to experiment with the various kinds of music and express them in their own styles.

The genre is immensely famous amongst the youngsters and the teenagers. Its style has become the favourite of the masses due to its flexibility. People can easily comprehend it and relate to it. Pop songs are written with sheer goal of entertaining the audience. This music genre cannot be typified or classified as per one’s style. This exquisite style comprises of different moods and it is sheer expression of the artist’s creativity that matters the most.

Pop music is gaining popularity since 1950’s this great music style has overshadowed all its contemporaries. Played with the typical musical instruments like Guitar, Drum and electronic keyboards, the music is all about high spiritedness and fun. These music bands are very famous and people across the world admire them. The orchestra and the singers together comprise the pop band.

Many popular artistes of the music genre have ruled the music world. Its lovers keenly wait for the release of the albums from their favourite artistes. The Beetles has been one of the most popular music bands in the world. They have ruled the music charts and people have loved their music crazily. Over the years the singers, song writers and the musicians played a vital role in the expansion and growth of the genre. Everyone loves to listen to this incredible music style.

We are the World, Careless Whisper and Footloose are some of the most rocking hits of the 1980s. It was the era in which the genre gained its highest position. In 1990s, the music gained new heights with female artistes coming up with awesome pop music videos and songs. There were some awesome female singles released that outclassed the male performances. Vogue, The power of Love, Hold On and the Hero are the few outstanding numbers.

Madonna, Shania Twain etc were some of the most admired pop stars of the last decade. Elton John came up with some of the most astounding Pop classics that gave the music immense popularity. Michael Jackson gained the greatest fan following with his unique style and incredible pop numbers.

In the present times, the pop music has ruled the music world. No other genre is so popular and admired by the people. With young pop stars coming with innovative and sizzling numbers, this music is all set to achieve new heights. Britney Spears is one of the hottest pop icons of the new generation. Her deadly music videos like Oops! I did it Again, I am a Slave For You etc have made her the most desirable Pop icon amongst the teenagers. Beyonce Knowles’ Crazy in Love, White Flag and other hits have also rocked the music fans the world over.

Jennifer Lopez, Boy Zone, Spice Girls and other pop stars have given great entertainment to the people across the world. Shakira has set a new trend with her individual style with the smashing hits like Hips Don’t Lie and Whenever, Wherever.

Hip hop based pop music video made waves, with great hits like Hot in Herre, Don’t Phunk With my Heart, India Club and Candy Shop. Latin Pop also became significantly popular with the amazing hit By Enrique – Hero. The Ketchup Song was also an outstanding hit in 2002. Pop music has enthralled people across the globe. Everyone should listen to pop music for great entertainment and rejuvenation

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Taio Cruz – ‘Dynamite’

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Taio Cruz – ‘Dynamite’

Taio Cruz

OK, that’s it. I’m officially TIRED of songs about what it is like to have a nice time dancing in a club with a sexy lady. It’s a snake-eating-its-own-tail lyrical trick in any case, writing a song describing a club, so that it will go on to be played in a club, so it looks like you could’ve written the song about the very club in which it is being played.

We’re running dangerously close to having club nights which play nothing but songs about being in a club. Surely this will mess with people’s heads? Why not go the whole hog and namecheck the bouncers? You could do a special version for every club in the world, with a shout-out to everyone there on the night: hen parties, stag dos, the lot. That’d really shake things up.

Hell, put a mirrored-wall in and you’ve taken self-appreciation to dangerous, possibly even near-fatal levels. They’ll all be copping off with themselves! While they watch! And singing about it!

(Here’s the video. This club is a dump! Etc)

Now I should say there is nothing wrong with this song in and of itself. It’s a perfectly fine, slightly anonymous rave-up with, as is the way of these things, a nice chorus. But it feels OLD.

It wears its autotune thickly, it gets stuck on certain words in the verses, like Usher’s song does, and it contains the word "ayo". A word which does seem to be enjoying its moment in the sun right now. In years to come, pop archaeologists will probably be able to date songs to 2010 just by blowing the dust off of that word alone.

A few months ago, this would just have been the latest in a fast-becoming-long line of similar tunes. Now it feels like the top of the rollercoaster, looking down into The Void.

I know making any kind of protest about this is not going to halt the tide. I know that in a week I’ll be writing about another club/girl-fixated song as if this never happened, and possibly enduring a few "ha-ha, that did a LOT of good, didn’t it?" comments to boot. But come on, stick the Black Eyed Peas’ recent output next to David Guetta’s next to Usher and Flo Rida and Roll Deep and Tinie Tempah and JLS and everyone else…is there ANYTHING left to say about going to a club and dancing with a sexy lady? Anyone?


Three stars Download: Out now
BBC Music page

(Fraser McAlpine)

PS: It’s a rogue’s trick to complain that a song is bad because it is not another song, but to add a certain amount of context to why the overly-smooth, deliberately market-led, straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back ‘Dynamite’ has failed to win friends in my house, here’s a link to a song called ‘Shapeshift’ by Dels. It’s crude and a bit silly, it’s rough around the edges, reliably 8-bit production from Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, but it’s everything Taio’s latest is not. This includes "a song which namechecks the Beano".

Kick The Ear Drum says: "The verses to this song are some of the worst that I have heard. The lyrics are juvenile and have honestly been heard before."

The Hottest Ishh says: "Rumors were floating around that J-Lo put vocals on here."

The Truth About Music says: "The song itself has everything you want in a hit single. It has a catchy chorus backed by great instrumentals.."

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Music festival and ballet troupe to share music tent stage

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Music festival and ballet troupe to share music tent stage

Music festival and ballet troupe to share music tent stage
The Aspen Music Festival and School and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet will share the spotlight tonight for an artistic tour de force, as dancers from the valley’s premiere ballet troupe take to the Benedict Music Tent stage. This summer is the fourth year of the collaboration between the two Roaring Fork Valley cultural powerhouses. read more

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Sky Ferreira or Inna: Which ‘One’ is ‘Amazing’?

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Sky Ferreira or Inna: Which ‘One’ is ‘Amazing’?

Inna and Sky Ferreira

In music, sadness and dancing seem to go together like peanut butter and marmalade: a combination which shouldn’t really work, but serves to do nothing but bring out the best in both elements.

Electropop has always known this, which is why so many of its best songs are also the most heartbreaking. And yer silly holiday dance pop has the sadness running through it like the lettering in a stick of rock. Inna and Sky Ferreira know it too, AND their two songs also compliment each other rather nicely.

So it is for THIS REASON ALONE – and not because there seem to be too many noteworthy songs around at the moment – that we shall examine their respective worthinesses together. OK? NOT because of space.

(Here’s Inna’s video. It’s wavy.)

Inna’s song sounds like a hit because it already is a hit. Over on mainland Europe they can’t get enough of her holiday dance pop, in much the same way that some people can’t get enough of Basshunter. Over here, we’re probably a little more likely to spot the flaws in her language than collapse in a frothing heap at her feet. But that’s the British for you.

You don’t even have to go on holiday to feel it, either. One swish of those baked hissy synths, a strum of that guitar, and you can smell the sun cream and chlorine. And it is always nice when yer happy sunshiney dance music remembers that its job is bring the melancholy. Even when singing a song about how astonishing someone looks, Inna makes it sound like she’s turning it all on herself, as if their good looks are the only light she can see by, and without them, the entire world is all solid darkness.

Which might not seem like an obviously holiday-friendly thought, until you’re waiting at the airport to come home and you realise you’re going to have to sleep on a metal bench because your flight is delayed. It’ll make perfect sense then.

Three stars Download: Out now
BBC Music page


(Here’s Sky Ferreira’s video. It’s bulbous.)

The funny thing is, while we scoff and sneer at Inna for singing “the speed of the sound”, there’s another song around which also brings the mournful, also rests on a bed of sad robotics, and takes just as many liberties with the English language – not least because it keeps sticking on key syllables – and yet it will not be the subject of any schoolmarmish disapproval.

This is because Sky Ferreira is clearly an eccentric. And we all know how much the British love an eccentric. So when she stops her melodies halfway through, to repeat “one-one-one-one” or “up-up-up-up”, this is perfectly fine. She’s singing into a lightbulb after all, we KNOW how this works.

Inna, by trying to make a song which will appeal to as many people as possible, at a time when they are most receptive to that kind of a thing, has merely created a straw donkey of a song. Something you can use to remember the holiday sunshine.

Meanwhile the girl with the blank, robotty voice and the quirky production tick, and the line in her chorus where it sounds like she’s singing “hey Hugh Grant”, and the chuntering Lego synths, has made a thing which needs to be puzzled out, and that’s always a more satisfying experience. Especially in a nation which considers mindless dancing to be, well, a little vulgar.

Dancing AND reading, that’s the way to do it!

Four stars Download: Out now
BBC Music page

(Fraser McAlpine)

Unreality Shout says: “There’s something really quite soothing about Inna’s voice on this track.”

Pop From The Block says: “‘One’ is actually one of a kind. It’s dense, robotic, with a dreamlike feel, but it has depth.”

View full post on BBC Audio & Music | Radio 1 Chart Blog

What are the trailer music that is used for transformers 2 revenge of the fallen trailer?

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What are the trailer music that is used for transformers 2 revenge of the fallen trailer?

I really like the background music that they used for the transformers 2 revenge of the fallen trailer. Does anyone know the background music for it? Please help me. Thank you.