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Hugh Martin: US composer and lyricist who wrote the score for ‘Meet Me in St Louis’

April 17th, 2011 Ninoverolla music No comments

Hugh Martin: US composer and lyricist who wrote the score for ‘Meet Me in St Louis’

WFIU Fundraiser for Classical Music Endowment – Thomas Baldner
Classical music

Image by Indiana Public Media
Thomas Baldner poses for a photo as WFIU Major Gifts and Grants Officer Nancy Krueger and WFIU Community Advisory Board member Janis Starcs look at a some music manuscripts on the wall.

Hugh Martin: US composer and lyricist who wrote the score for ‘Meet Me in St Louis’
The songwriter, vocal coach and arranger Hugh Martin, with his collaborator Ralph Blane, wrote the score for Vincente Minnelli’s film musical masterpiece, Meet Me in St Louis (1944) for which they composed three durable hits for the film’s star, Judy Garland – the wistfully longing “The Boy Next Door”, the Oscar-nominated “The Trolley Song”, which was the biggest hit at the time of the film’s …
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North Penn musicians shine at All-Eastern (video)
Tyler Lawson and Minzo Kim plan to make music their lives.
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Editorial: With settlement, bruised DSO resumes the production of joy
Conventional wisdom holds that the damage an enterprise sustains in a protracted strike makes any victory claimed by either side a pyrrhic one. But everyone who cares about metro Detroit should be relieved at news that the bruised but inestimable treasure known as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra has survived another day to play music — and fight for its share of this community’s cultural …
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A CD-Only Music Store That Plays to Its Own Beat
Chris Miller’s CD-only music store in Oak Park carries about 40,000 discs and, according to Mr. Miller, “strictly has whatever unusual things people who live around here might want.”
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‘Back to Back Bach’ goes to college
“Back to Back Bach” is a guided listening presentation designed to share the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, especially his organ music.
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Victor Borge & Dean Martin – Musical Phonetic Punctuation

October 8th, 2010 Ninoverolla music No comments

Victor Borge & Dean Martin – Musical Phonetic Punctuation

The Great Dane adapts his classic comedy routine to music. Every time I watch this I laugh myself to tears! This is already posted but this is a much clearer copy. Enjoy!

classic music

This movie shows a performance of a short dhrupad bandish (song) performed at the 2003 Tokyo Summer Festival in Japan. The bandish (song) is “Shiva Shiva shiva” in raga Adana set to Sooltaal (10 beat cycle). Dhrupad is the oldest extant tradition of classical Indian music. The Gundecha Brothers are amongst the most respected and active performers of the Dagar tradition of Dhrupad. They studied under the eminent gurus, Zia Mohiuddin and Zia Fariduddin Dagar and Srikant Mishra. The Gundecha Brothers run a school for Dhrupad music in a beautiful and peaceful rural setting on the edge of Bhopal, India. More information can be found on their website

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