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‘The Sound of Music’ to be performed at Santa Susana’s new Performing Arts Center


‘The Sound of Music’ to be performed at Santa Susana’s new Performing Arts Center

‘The Sound of Music‘ to be performed at Santa Susana’s new Performing Arts Center
“The Sound of Music,” the classic story of the Von Trapp family’s journey to freedom, will set the scene for the first performance in the Performing Arts Center at Santa Susana High School in Simi Valley.
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Global Music Effort Songs for Japan Available as Two CD Set on April 4
Songs For Japan, a star-studded album collection benefitting Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief, has been rushed into production as a double CD to be available worldwide April 4 with an official US domestic release on Tuesday, April 5.
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GENERAL MUSIC INDUSTRY: 5 Lessons That the Latin Jazz World Can Learn from Rebecca Black During Jazz Appreciation Month
Our calendars turn towards April tomorrow bringing with them a yearly tradition, Jazz Appreciation Month. It’s thirty government-sanctioned days that are officially dedicated to the history and future of everything associated with jazz. Some of us celebrate jazz 365 days a year, and for us, Jazz Appreciation Month seems a bit redundant. We can easily turn a deaf ear to the proceedings and wonder …
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Music is their weapon
Kingston High School student Will Barton thinks he does a pretty good Frank Sinatra.
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RE-1 students to stage ‘The Sound of Music`


RE-1 students to stage ‘The Sound of Music`

RE-1 students to stage ‘The Sound of Music`
STERLING — RE-1 Valley School District will bring a true classic to life next week when it presents “The Sound of Music.”Come follow along as a young woman, Maria, leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the seven children of a widowed naval officer, Captain Georg Von Trapp.
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Michelle Williams Speaks On Beyonce’s Decision To Leave Music World/Mathew Knowles
Earlier this week, Beyonce released a statement, revealing that her father Mathew Knowles would no longer manage her career. In a recent interview with HipHollywood, Michelle Williams reveals that she was surprised to hear that Beyonce in Mathew parted ways. She also says: I mean when you think of family, thats all she’s known since she [...]Related posts: Beyonce Finally Announces That Mathew …
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Snoop-Sheen song set for Twitter release
LOS ANGELES, April 1 (UPI) — Rapper Snoop Dogg says a sample of the music he’s been making with Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen will be released soon on Twitter.
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Let’s stop this Top of the Pops revival in its tracks
Though great in its day, the world does not need the return of a weekly half-hour ghetto for pop music BBC Four is hosting a Top of the Pops night this Friday. From then on, the classic Thursday night slot will see episodes screened weekly, from that equivalent week, starting from 1976 . Which, of course, is great: everyone loves a good Pan’s People montage and the chance to see vintage Madonna …
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Playlist: The Essential LCD Soundsystem
How do you pick the best LCD Soundsystem songs? It’s like trying to rate Nirvana’s music. Both have released an incredible body of music over relatively short runs: three studio albums each, plus a handful of EPs, singles, and live compilations. But as James Murphy and his ace band — one of rock’s finest to emerge in the last decade — get ready to call it quits with a sold-out celebration at New …
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Nightwish – Sleeping Sun (old sound, new video)

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Nightwish – Sleeping Sun (old sound, new video)

I’ve added the original Sleeping Sun song to the new video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Classical music
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CD/DOWNLOAD/ALBUM: Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata Resurrects Lost “Sound of Music” Gem on “The Hills Are Alive”

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CD/DOWNLOAD/ALBUM: Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata Resurrects Lost “Sound of Music” Gem on “The Hills Are Alive”

CD/DOWNLOAD/ALBUM: Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata Resurrects Lost “Sound of Music” Gem on “The Hills Are Alive”
Fans of the Broadway version of “The Sound of Music” will notice an old favorite on Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata’s The Hills Are Alive (Canal Records, 3/8). That’s because BRO has included “No Way To Stop It, ” a song that was previously only used in the musical’s Broadway production, on the Brooklyn collaborative’s bold re-imagining of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein’s score. Soulful …
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Live Music calendar
ALLEY KATZ, 10 Walnut Alley, between 17th and 18th streets off Main Street, 643-2816. Tea Leaf Green and The Bridge , 7 p.m. Thursday, $ 17. Fall to Eternity, This Kingdom Falls, Juggernaut and others, 5 p.m. Saturday, $ 3-$ 5.
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Music Review: Marcus Miller – A Night In Monte-Carlo
Excellent introduction to this amazing musician.

Musical Performance Listings for Feb. 3
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Sound of Music at the Octagon Theatre

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Sound of Music at the Octagon Theatre

Sound of Music at the Octagon Theatre
THE Yeovil Amateur Operatic Society has been granted a special licence to perform The Sound of Music in Yeovil for its autumn 2011 production.
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Music Review: Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die: Deluxe Edition
The classic Traffic album is back again with some bonus treats.

Music a favorite of Snowbirds
When Dan Donarski guides his car past heaps of snow in Green Bay, Wis., for the annual trek to the Emerald Coast as he has for the past 16 years, his thoughts turn to the years he enjoyed the local links, the camaraderie of his fellow Snowbirds and…
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R&R with R&R: Music For Everyone seeks grant applications, songs
Once again it’s time to rock and roll with Rios and Roberts, the two guys who keep you up to date on the local music scene. • It may be cold outside, but the local music scene is heating up. And that’s good news. • Good news for schools and other organizations looking for grant money to im…
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Some recent classic music auctions on eBay:

L155 Music Note Jazz Classic Seatbelt Set of 2 New NR
121180122827 0 THE SOUND OF MUSIC VOCAL SELECTION LYRIC CLASSIC SONGS+ buy classical musicUS $6.59 (0 Bid)
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DVD reviews: ‘Sound of Music,’ ‘Sherlock,’ ‘The Law,’ ‘Marcus Welby,’ ‘Bionic Woman’

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DVD reviews: ‘Sound of Music,’ ‘Sherlock,’ ‘The Law,’ ‘Marcus Welby,’ ‘Bionic Woman’

DVD reviews: ‘Sound of Music,’ ‘Sherlock,’ ‘The Law,’ ‘Marcus Welby,’ ‘Bionic Woman’
An Oscar winner, a BBC newbie, two not-quite-classic ’70s series and Gina Lollobrigida.
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Live Music On The Rock
Capt. Tony’s Saloon A Key West landmark at 428 Greene Street, just off Duval. Since the 1850s, the building has been an ice house, a telegraph station, a cigar factory, a bordello and a series of bars, including the original Sloppy Joe’€ s. This is where Hemingway drank 1933-37.
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Now You Can Bump iOS Devices to Share Music
Bump, the application maker known for its mobile device contact and photo exchange technology, has just released an update to its iOS applications — iPhone, iPod touch, iPad — that supports user-to-user music sharing. In version 2.2, Bump [iTunes link]…
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On Tap: Bigfork Football, Cash Cats and Arts and Crafts Fair
Live Music: Friday: David Boone at Boiler Room; Prisoners of Time at Symes Hot Springs Hotel; Friday Night Live at Blue Canyon; Kniption Fit at Great Northern Bar Saturday: Classic Country Music at Eagles; Jarod Kerney with Kyle Dean at Starbucks; The Mighty Cash Cats at Bigfork Center for Performing Arts; Melissa Blue at Symes Hot Springs Hotel; Evening of Jazz at The Lodge at Whitefish Lake …
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AC/DC named band of the year
Australian music greats AC/DC have been named band of the year at Britain’s Classic Rock Awards.
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Need You Tonight (HQ Sound & Image) INXS – 1987

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Need You Tonight (HQ Sound & Image) INXS – 1987

“Need You Tonight” is the fourth song on INXS’s 1987 album Kick as well as the first single from the album. It was also the only single of the band’s to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100Great video-music from INXS. More about the band:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

classic music

A beautiful arrangement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 by Waldo de los Rios and we’re showing several European Castles to compliment the music. Sinfonía número 40 de Mozart a cargo de Waldo de los Ríos y su orquesta. Waldo de los Ríos (1934 – 1977) was an Argentine composer, conductor and arranger. He is best-remembered for his ability to transform European classical music into pop music. His 1971 arrangement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 recorded with the Manuel de Falla orchestra, reached the top spot in the Dutch charts and scored a top 10 hit in several other European countries. In 1970, prior to this success, Waldo de los Rios had already climbed the charts around Europe and America with Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode To Joy which he arranged and conducted for Miguel Rios.Video by Alfred & Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech, Mosta, Malta © jasalf5959 – 2009 Please rate our videos and share links with your friends. Thanks for watching. ===================================== Our Youtube Channels are: 1) jasalf5959 MASTER Link: (Malta, Malaysia & Other related videos) 2) malpen04 “My Choice” series MASTER Links: (Music videos) 3) malpen04 “Maltese Singers” – music composed and/or sung by Maltese artists 4) malpen04 Miscellaneous non-music video
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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What’s Happening With 5.1 Surround Sound Music?

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What’s Happening With 5.1 Surround Sound Music?

A few years ago 5.1 surround sound DVD video players looked likely to become standard kit in every living room in the technology friendly world.

So now a few years on, what has happened to the original promise of surround sound music? Well the answer to that is ‘lots, but not nearly enough.’

For those that don’t know already, 5.1 surround sound is basically five speakers and a sub-woofer placed around your room allowing you to listen to music or a movie soundtrack literally surrounded by speakers. The film industry pioneered it for theatres and it then became available as a DVD player add-on for home entertainment systems.

Now at least 100,000,000 people world-wide own systems, which can and should be used for all manner of surround sound music DVDs.

I hear you say, ‘but surround sound music on DVD hasn’t really caught on. All that wire in my living room’.

Even though the consumer can buy a DVD player and surround speaker system cheaply enough, surround sound music hasn’t really caught fire yet. Why?

There are reasons why we should all remain confident that surround sound music will become more popular, but at the moment it’s still an infant child.

The amount of different DVD and surround sound formats is confusing and can be offputting.

The consumer desperately wants an end to the confusing compatibility war between different surround sound formats.

Many music artists would start producing DVDs if it wasn’t so complex, just as there are many consumers that would purchase a surround sound DVD system for the same reason. They should be able to buy a DVD player and play any product claiming to play DVDs.

Consumer surround sound formats currently include sound on video DVDs encoded as Dolby 5.1 surround sound or DTS; the competing DVD-Audio (DVD-A) and Super Audio CD (SACD) formats and MP3 Surround.

There are 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 systems, four speaker systems, even one speaker systems and ‘simulated surround sound systems.’ Phew! See what I mean?

They all have their uses, but the I feel the music business would be wise to embrace one format. Every time the consumer buys a surround sound music product they have to research whether it will be compatible to their particular system.

The good news here is that slowly, but surely things are improving. As long as there is no ‘new’ new format to rock the boat, the problem of incompatibility could become a thing of the past.

There are many great web sites to visit which do explain (in as much detail as you could possibly imagine) all the different formats and help you decide what to buy.

How about all that wire in my living room though?

There are wireless speaker systems available, but the cheaper ones are for mainly rear-channel wireless amplification. This doesn’t quite get rid of all the wires and limits people who have odd shaped rooms. But they are better than nothing.

It would be great for a ‘let’s make it fun revolution’ to occur with surround sound, like the iPod. Small wireless speakers one could place anywhere. The recommended configuration would still be in a circle, but you’d have a license to have fun by placing them in different locations.

Certain types of music would not really benefit from this unconventional approach, but other types mixed specially for surround sound might not suffer that much and it would release the consumer from the pressure to set their systems up in a way that would please an audio engineer or DVD manufacturer.

Not enough of an improvement on CDs and overall lack of interesting music DVD products.

The amount of compression used for music on DVD video is far greater than CDs. So stereo music on CD is generally of a higher quality than stereo music on DVD. However, add the extra speakers and a properly mixed 5.1 surround sound piece of music and all of a sudden the playback bit ratio seems much less important.

‘What is’ you ask, ‘a properly mixed 5.1 piece of music?’

Recreating real space is what seems to interest some surround sound pioneers. The chance to paint a more precise musical picture by placing you the listener deeper inside a musical ensemble or concert venue.

This approach has got its merits, but it’s reliant on people having their speakers in precise locations, and that they will sit dead centre amongst them. Pluses can turn to minuses at this point. If you don’t have a perfectly set up system it might just sound weird, especially if you are used to the stereo CD mix from the same artist.

Apart from all the technical considerations, I consider a great 5.1mix a strong alternative to the stereo mix. Let’s say the artist already has their stereo mix. Why not make the surround mix something that really explores that extra space and is different from the stereo mix.

Give the consumer a choice of two distinctly different sounding mixes. This might inspire more people to make the effort to set up those surround speakers which are still sitting unused in the attic.

Currently it is almost mandatory to include some type of visual content on a DVD.

In a way, it’s a shame that ‘audio only’ DVDs haven’t caught on…yet.

Depending on the level of production the artist is looking to reach, it can be both very expensive and time consuming producing enough visual material to accompany all the music for a competitive DVD release.

Most musicians have a hard enough time producing their music let alone having to produce hour’s worth of videos as well. So you could say that the need for visual content (as exciting as it can be) is holding back the growth surround sound music.

Live concerts are the most successful type of music DVDs, mainly because they are relatively cheap to produce.

For ‘audio only’ DVDs to catch on, consumer expectation will have to be ‘re-trained’ to expect what they might consider as less. I feel that the days of distributing film or music products on any type of disk is going to disappear fast.

What does the future looks like for surround sound?

The real turning point will come when the Internet becomes surround sound friendly. A new MP3 surround streaming module has just been announced that allows manufacturers to build web radios featuring true 5.1 surround sound.

Many people surf the Internet sitting at their desk, listening to music for hours at a time. Soon they will be able to surf and listen in surround sound. Small near-field computer monitors would work perfectly.(especially wireless ones).

It’s inevitable that 5.1 radio and TV broadcasts will soon become the norm. Even without the music business, embracing surround sound as anything more than a small niche, the amount of people with a 5.1 system is steadily increasing.

At this point, surround sound music becomes a viable ‘audio only’ product. If the surround sound community can simplify the production process even more allowing the average project studio to easily create surround sound content, we should all benefit.

I predict there will be a tipping point where all of a sudden the ‘need’ for surround sound music will exceed the amount of available products.

Live surround sound music can be amazing. I went to Berlin and mixed a gig by the experimental Electronic band ‘Warren Suicide’. Instruments and vocals flying around the room in surround sound mayhem. It was great, and opened my eyes to what I hope is ‘the future’ for certain styles of music.

Dance music is an area I really hope starts to explore surround sound. The drum/synth based repetition is perfect fodder to trigger a quantum leap in 5.1 music production. All the technology is now available to present surround sound mixes in smaller clubs or ‘surround rooms’ in larger clubs.

I have to quickly point out that the 1 in 5.1 stands for sub-woofer (a dedicated speaker designed to carry just low frequencies). This on its own is a major step forward for dance music fans.

DJ producers in particular can take control of the ‘low end’ of their tracks and shake the furniture more than ever before. Because one doesn’t have to squeeze all that low end into the same speakers as everything else it allows for a more overall dynamic mix.

Music mixed in 5.1 surround sound gives us the opportunity to produce and listen to music in a completely new way.

Both as a composer and as a engineer, I personally feel liberated, set free from the confines of stereo. In this case more really is better. The extra speakers/channels give you more ‘room’ to put your music.

My hope is for ‘audio only’ surround sound music to take off. Music is, after all, the world of the invisible – it seems a shame to connect it at the hip to pictures. Your mind processes visual images first, then sound. So pictures can distract people who might listen more carefully without them.

There is room for both music videos and surround sound music without the videos.

‘What kind of gear do you need to start mixing in surround sound?’:

a) A reasonably fast computer

b) Music software package that supports 5.1 mixing (Logic Audio, Pro-Tools etc.)

c) Minimum 8 channel audio interface (Motu, Digidesign )

d) Five matched self powered speakers, and a sub-woofer

Mixing In Surround Sound:

When I first started mixing something in surround sound, I went out and purchased three sets of Sony Mega Bass self powered computer speakers. After connecting them directly to my audio interface outputs, I then assigned the surround sound out-puts in Logic Audio. I opened a song I was working on and spread the instruments out around the channels and hit play… Wow! The five mini speakers sounded great. Mixing in a tiny bit of subs from my Genelec sub-woofer, it sounded even better.

I know… I can hear engineers crying out.. ‘But what about…?’ Well, it’s unconventional but as a starting point this system does work. Now I own a full set of Genelecs, but I still use this approach.

The normal way to mix in surround sound is to have a matched system where the sub-woofer is driven from the speakers. A roll-off decides that everything below a certain frequency is sent on to the sub-woofer. I favour rooting the signal directly to the sub-woofer from a send on either my main out-put fadder’s or occasionally individual instrument fadder’s. This way I can choose which instruments to place in the sub-woofer and which not to.

I say to music mixers; ‘Approach the surround mix with a fresh concept, understanding that it can reflect a different side of the song/composition.’

I don’t recommend the approach of mixing both the stereo and surround mixes at the same time. It seems that one or the other will be compromised. You’re still ‘thinking in stereo’.

The effects needed and levels will be different in a surround mix. I find I use less processing overall especially compression, again it comes down to having more space to place the instruments.

So start fresh without any of your stereo effects haunting you. It’s one of those things that will save you time in the end, plus you will probably mix more creatively.

After a little guess work and experimentation I managed to figure out the right level to print my mixes. Again the sub-woofer channel was tricky, but after burning a few trial DVDs trying different levels I got the hang of it.

I played some mixes I had done in my studio at Real World and Metropolis Studios and they sounded right. It shows you can produce your own surround sound music at a reasonable cost, even in a project studio.

There are hours worth of surround sound production tutorials available from all the major music software companies. Just visit your software makers web site to get started.

Of course the absolutely best way to mix music in surround sound is to go to a top recording studio. If you’re just starting out with surround sound, mix a track with the guidance of a highly trained professional engineer, who has experience with surround sound mixing.

There are great audio engineers who would (for a smallish fee) come to your project studio and ‘consult’ with you on the technical elements of your mix.

If you are producing a DVD for commercial release, it’s still best to get your project professionally mastered. Any decent music mastering facility can (to a point) rebalance your surround mix, so if you are a little heavy or light on the subs they can deal with it then.

Tips on ways to create your own visual content:

The quality you want to achieve is normally connected to the expectations of your audience.

With enough time and energy you can make videos using a consumer DV camera and Final Cut Pro (or PC equivalent). DV cameras are generally just not quite good enough for any ‘serious filming’, but if used creatively for certain situations it’s possible to pull it off. HD camera’s are much higher quality but still do cost a lot more to buy.

Live concerts and gigs can work well though. If you are doing a gig, ask around all the people you know and see how many DV cameras you could borrow. If you have four cameras set up around the club, one camera to roam around and some decent lighting on stage, you’re in business. Make sure the people operating the fixed cameras don’t mess around during the filming. No zooming and out or trying to track the movements on stage. Perfectly still videos are much better to edit. Then in your film editing software, you can cut between different angles and add zooms, even simulate camera movement.

There’s no guarantee, but if the actual performance is strong enough, some of the production values will be overlooked.

Done well enough, you can produce a DVD using still images, like a slide show – again a good film editing program allows you to animate still photos way beyond what one might think is possible.

There are some fantastic animation programs like Bryce 3D, and Cinema 4D that are worth looking into. Start producing convincing 3D text an logos.

Warren Suicide are a great ad-sample of a band who are embracing the audio – visual age. Their DVD was produced by them, and although they worked really hard on it, the finished DVD was not expensive to make, but is just as imaginative and entertaining as any big budget music DVD I’ve seen.

How do I get my mix on to a DVD?:

There are, as you can imagine, quite a few ways available.

The huge majority of DVD players in circulation use the DVD video format. So I recommend choosing Dolby 5.1 or DTS encoding, don’t worry too much about all the others. DTS sounds just as good to me, but I found more options were available with Dolby 5.1.

All you really need is Final Cut Pro and DVD studio Pro or the PC equivalents. DVD Studio Pro comes with a audio compression program called Apac. Apac allows you to compress your six channel mix into a single 5.1 file, ready to place on a DVD.

These programs are not cheap, but they are worth every penny if you’re considering commercially releasing your DVD. Between them you can edit and effect your video footage/audio content, add text, export the outcome in a format which is ready to be authored and finally burned on to a DVD. WOW! All in you back room – not bad.

Merv de Peyer is the Son of virtuoso Clarinettist Gervase de Peyer. He is a holder of a degree in Performance and Composition from the prestigious Berklee College Of Music.

After graduating Merv moved to New York to pursue a career as a jazz pianist, and studio musician.

Through his career he has consistently worked with entertainment’s largest names including: Miles Davis, Pharaoh Sanders, Eddie Murphy and Bernard Perdie.

He recorded then toured Cameo’s multi platinum album ?Word Up?. And was recently commissioned to Compose, Score (for full orchestra), and Mix (in surround sound) the sound track to the world?s first 360-degree movie currently showing in Germany.

An accomplished producer and studio musician he has more than 100 major label records to his credit, ranging from working with artists like the Bernard Sumner, Johnny Marr super group Electronic, to mixing Mi Chico Latino, the first Geri Halliwell single to reach number.

For more info go to